Wiring diagram without junction boxes

There are times in the wiring when it is more convenient and easier to separate the connections not in the junction box, but not directly in the mounting glass of the switch or socket. This scheme has its pros and cons, but still there are many more shortcomings. In this article, we will consider what wiring is without junction boxes and whether it is worth using this option for wiring in an apartment or a private house.

Case of life

I personally had a case, everything was discussed with the client, the number of points (sockets, switches, lamps, junction boxes), their location, the nuances of the subsequent wiring installation. They shook hands, an estimate was drawn up and material for installation was purchased. According to the plan made by joint efforts, the wiring was made. And then one day, when everything seems to be nearing the end, the drywall is screwed on and the painters puttied, and I install the transfer cases and installation glasses, before tomorrow’s installation of the fittings, an employer appears and dazzles me with my idea: - “I want to bed arch backlit. How can I do that?".

Well, the builders immediately agreed, they do the arch day work. This idea did not greatly inspire me, because on the wall to which the arch is attached, there are only two sockets for connecting a charger and a floor lamp. It was not possible to pull the wire to the junction box in the opposite corner. Moreover, to do this without damaging a couple of square meters of drywall would be difficult.

That is why it was necessary to fence the garden, take food from the outlet, make an exception in a box with a switch and continue to illuminate the arch. This installation option is called wiring without a junction box. Below are the connection diagrams for the two-key switch and two light sources.

Wiring electrics without wiring diagram

Connection of a lamp without a distribution box

The video below shows a good example of wiring without soldering in an apartment:


The advantage of wiring without junction boxes is the clarity and ease of installation, subject to accepted safety rules, which state that any electrical contacts or connections should be easily accessible for maintenance, monitoring and repair. As we know, the contact point, in any wiring design, is a weak point.

Often on forums and sites there is a debate about the possibility of wiring without distribution boxes and a complete rejection of these electrical products. For his part, as the author of this article, I am against "simplified wiring"Because the norms PUE were suffered and proved experimentally in their appropriateness.

A separate junction box, located in a place agreed upon by the rules, simplifies its subsequent detection by another master, as well as troubleshooting wiring.

Posting without junction boxes (below in the photo) has the right to exist only in isolated cases, and fully wiring in this form is not permissible. In addition, this type of installation is very wasteful, it spends between 30% - 40% more wire, compared with the classic installation.

Wiring wires in the wiring of the photo

Therefore, refuse this type of wiring, because it is simpler for the contractor and has nothing to do with safety in operation. Take care of yourself and loved ones. This, in fact, is all that I wanted to tell you about wiring installation without junction boxes. I hope the provided diagrams and video example were useful for you!

Another useful video on the topic at last:

Surely you do not know:

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  • odisey021

    What exactly is unsafe wiring without junction boxes?

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    • Roman Alekseevich

      lies. no junction boxes are needed. it’s they that they can show off by welding, soldering, games of nerds.

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  • Alexander

    The most interesting thing is when people preoccupied with the aesthetics of the premises in their apartment make wiring without junction boxes, and then sculpt a 70-module shield with a transparent door in the corridor. And then through this door they still shine ten multi-colored signal lights.

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