Feature Overview and Top NYM Cable Manufacturers

Electrical cable marked NYM is a high-quality German conductor, which can be used both for industrial purposes and in everyday life. This conductor has received recognition from many electricians, as possesses some advantages in comparison with domestic products. Next, we will bring to your attention the technical characteristics of the NYM cable, decoding of the markings and an overview of the best manufacturers!

How is it decrypted?

NYM photo

The acronym NYM means:

  • N - Normenleitung standard (German cable classification standard);
  • Y - insulation is represented by polyvinyl chloride (PVC);
  • M - installation in various conditions is allowed;

In addition, it should be noted that the NYM cable markings can be varieties with the prefix “-J” or “-O”, which respectively means the presence of a yellow-green or blue wire (ground or zero).

Also, the abbreviation VDE (Veiband Deutscher Electrotechniker) can be indicated on the cable, which means that the product meets all standards and can be used in fire hazardous rooms.

Design features

Considering the technical characteristics of the NYM cable, the first thing I would like to talk about is the design of the product. So, the conductor is arranged as follows:

  • cores are copper, can be single-wire or multi-wire, depending on the cross section;
  • number of cores from 1 to 5;
  • isolation of current-carrying conductors from polyvinyl chloride;
  • between the veins and the outer sheath is an intermediate layer of non-combustible sealing (finely filled rubber);
  • the outer shell is represented by PVC compound;
  • color marking complies with international standards.


main parameters

Speaking about the NYM cable, one cannot but consider its main technical characteristics, namely:

  1. Rated voltage 660 Volts (0.66 kV);
  2. Frequency - 50 Hz;
  3. Cross section of copper conductors from 1.5 to 35 mm2;
  4. Operating temperature from -50 ° С to + 50 ° С;
  5. Minimum laying temperature - not lower than -5 ° С;
  6. The minimum permissible bending radius is 4 outer diameters;
  7. Service life - from 30 years;
  8. Warranty period of operation - 5 years;

As for the rest of the NYM specifications (allowable current, outside diameter, weight), they can be different, depending on the size of the conductor. We provided all the main parameters in the tables with the description below:Tabular data

NYM-J Features

NYM-O Features

Permissible current

Application area

As already indicated in the marking, NYM cable can be used in any electrical installation work (both industrial and domestic). Due to the fact that the design of the power conductor is included in the intermediate non-combustible layer, the electric cable is most often used for installation of electrical wiring in a wooden house, as well as for outdoor installation (on the street), provided that it will not be exposed to direct sunlight.

At home, stranded NYM can be used for outdoor and hidden wiring. The cable is used both for connecting the lighting line, and for outlets. The use of a conductor for laying in the ground is not prohibited, only one thing - experts recommend additionally threading it into the corrugation.

Key Benefits

You got acquainted with the technical characteristics of the conductor, now I would like to talk about the main advantages of the NYM cable. Among the main advantages are:

  1. The elasticity of the product. Thanks to the intermediate rubber layer, the cable is quite flexible. It is rational to use this advantage when installing electrical wiring in hard-to-reach places, as well as in the ground, if you need to draw an electric line over a long distance.
  2. High quality products. Since the conductor undergoes many foreign examinations before entering the market, when buying a NYM cable, you can be sure that the cross-section of the cores and the thickness of the insulation correspond to the marking, which cannot be said hazardous wire PUNP.
  3. Thanks to the same intermediate layer, the cable is non-combustible, therefore it can be used in fire hazardous areas.
  4. NYM has received many positive reviews from experts in the field of electrical work. In most forums, this type of conductor is strongly recommended for use in lighting and power circuits.

As you can see, the advantages of this electric cable speak for themselves. The only drawback is the cost of production. Compared with domestic counterparts, for example, VVGng cable, for such a conductor will have to pay more money.

Top manufacturers

Well, the last thing I would like to talk about is which manufacturer of NYM is better to choose. From foreign manufacturers, the leaders are Helukabel, Lapp Kabel and TKD Kabel (Germany). Also, high quality products from manufacturers DENIZLI CABLE LTD (Turkey) and Nexans (France).

Of the domestic manufacturers of NYM cable, one can advise such plants as Sevkabel, Kamkabel and Pskovkabel, whose products have passed all the certificates of conformity and meet all TU and GOST standards.

We draw your attention to the fact that in recent years, fakes have begun to appear more and more on the market of electrical products. In your case, we strongly recommend that you bypass products labeled “NUM” and “HUM”, as in the photo below!


That's all I wanted to tell you about the technical characteristics of the NYM cable. Having studied the marking of the conductor, the scope and purpose, now you can precisely decide whether to buy this version of the product for your own electrical work!

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  • Kirill

    The video is entitled “Visual Conductor Advantage”, and there, on the contrary, VVGng burns worse than the NYM under consideration. It would be necessary to somehow rename.

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    • Admin

      This meant a general advantage, which is non-combustible. Well, and yes, VVGng it can be inferior in characteristics.

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  • Valery

    Note - this cable can be used in a wooden house only with the mark NUMng-ls. As for the Concord products — the shell burns well — they were tested experimentally. The products of the Metallist factory use outdated GOSTs. Only a vein with a reservation on own TU is standardized. GOST used from 2012. Whereas the Concord is from. But as far as I know - the cable is licensed - and the license is only for sevcable. Otsalnye plagiarism by changing the letter in the name: NJM and NUM. It seems that someone else has bought a license. But who I do not remember exactly.

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  • Sergei

    NUM is good when it is mounted permanently or in a tray, it is dubbed in the cold and the outer insulation is destroyed during kinks and falls off if it is moved during operation (for example, an extension cord). And the sun is afraid that the article also says ...

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  • Nikolay

    Oil flows from this wire (NYM)! All shield in snot.

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