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Royal Thermo Rus industrial group in the Russian market since 2002. In 2014, the largest European enterprise for the production of aluminum and bimetal heating radiators with a capacity of more than 14 million sections per year was launched on the territory of the IKSEL industrial cluster, Kirzhach, Vladimir Region. At the end of 2018, the second plant of the Industrial Group began producing steel panel radiators. The production line is designed for 1.2 million units and produces about 3,000 different sizes, which differ in depth, overall dimensions and the method of connection to the heating system. The advantage of the company's products is not only in the quality of steel, welding, painting and a guarantee of 10 years, but also in the completeness of the complete set: the standard set for mounting with radiators includes fasteners, dowels, bolts, air vents, plugs and valve insert. Royal Thermo steel panel radiators are available on the market in four Compact, Ventil Compact, Hygiene and Ventil Hygiene series. In this article we will consider the features of each series and the main characteristics.

Series Overview

Royal Thermo Compact Series - These are steel panel radiators with side connection. This embodiment is classic and is used in most houses and apartments. The radiator is designed for an operating pressure of 10 bar, while the thermal panels themselves are made with a margin of 1.25 mm thick steel, which provides additional reliability. There are three standard color solutions: white, gray and black, but the manufacturer can produce models in small batches in other color palettes.


Speaking of the last two, they will perfectly complement the interior of the high-tech housing, as shown in the photo below:

Compact in the interior

It is important to note that the ultra-resistant 5-stage painting of all radiators from the companyRoyal Thermo, provides greater resistance to mechanical damage and increases the durability of the radiator.

Radiators are equipped with four ½ ”mounting holes. You can connect to the heating system both on the left and on the right, since the radiator is reversible. Additionally, an air vent, a plug, an expansion bolt shield for wall mounting and side brackets are included. The price range varies from 2-9 thousand, depending on the size of the radiator.

Series Royal Thermo Ventil Compact differs only in that the connection to the pipes can be made both from the side and from the bottom. For this, the radiator has two lower connection holes with a diameter of ½ ”.

Ventil Compact Colors

This type of radiator is used when distributing heating pipes in the floor. As a rule, in modern multi-family housing construction, one extra-apartment riser is used, from which the pipelines are connected to radiators by the method of beam wiring. In this case, the most aesthetic and convenient connection option is the bottom connection. Panel radiators in this series also feature Danfoss integrated thermostatic valves.

Ventil compact

On how to install panel radiators with a lower connection, it is described and clearly shown in the video:

As for the cost, it is higher than the standard version - from 2.7 to 15.5 thousand.

The next new series, which is important to mention - Royal Thermo Hygiene. This series of panel radiators with increased hygiene requirements for certain types of rooms: hospitals, kindergartens, medical rooms, etc. According to SanPiN, heating facilities with a smooth surface should be installed in such institutions to ensure easy cleaning from dust.


In the so-called hygienic radiators there are no convective elements, decorative grilles and side panels.

Radiators in the hospital

Well, we conclude the review on the last new seriesVentil hygiene, which, as you understand, differs only in the presence of two additional lower connecting holes and an integrated thermostatic valve.

Ventil hygiene

By the way, according to SNiP RK 3.02-08-2010: "In rooms that are required to provide aseptic conditions, hidden laying of pipelines and fittings is provided." So in this case, if the heating system according to the rules is hidden in the wall or floor, it is more appropriate to use just hygienic panel radiators with the bottom connection of the Ventil Hygiene series.

Hospital bottom radiator

Product Reviews

When compiling the announcement, we studied a lot of branches on thematic forums to determine how high-quality Royal Thermo panel radiators are. So here are the opinions of the majority - for private houses and apartments they are one of the most optimal in price and quality.

In addition, many masters used Royal Thermo products in hospitals and offices. Judging by the reviews, the customers were satisfied, and the masters had no complaints about the installation problems or the quality of the fasteners. So, if you take into account the views of the majority - there is no reason for concern, and even more so there should be no doubt.

Finally, we recommend watching the video from the AQUATHERM 2019 exhibition, from which you can learn more about the new Royal Thermo steel panel radiators:

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