How dangerous are infrared heaters for humans?

Today, there are many discussions on the harmfulness of infrared radiation to the human body. Most of the evidence can be considered dubious, and some really defy criticism. To keep you up to date with all the events, we will further tell you whether infrared heaters are harmful to health or not by providing a few weighty facts on this subject.

The first thing I would like to note, because it is a fact that in medicine using infrared rays carry out various kinds of therapy. Radiation helps to normalize blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and also cure some diseases of the abdominal cavity. Based on this, a logical thought arises that devices of this type, of course, are not harmful to human health. However, everything is not so obvious and there is one important nuance - in medical procedures the radiation passes strictly in time, and in the case of using infrared panels at home, you usually leave the heating on all day and night. As a result, excessive radiation can negatively affect human health, especially if there are problems in the cardiovascular system. In order for ceiling or floor IR heaters not to be harmful to humans, it is advisable to install them without allowing direct exposure to the rays. In this case, it is recommended to direct the devices not to the sofa on which you will lie, but to the area nearby. If it is not possible to change the heating zone, at least increase the distance from the heater to the rest zone.

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In the continuation of the dangers of constant heating, one can also note the fact that people who have been under an infrared heater for a long time feel worse. This is due to the fact that moisture evaporates from the upper skin layer of a person. As a result, you feel that the body begins to burn and a headache occurs.

Temperature mode

As for the myth of the dangers of infrared heaters for the eyes, this is a lie. IR rays do not affect vision, in contrast to ultraviolet radiation, which is absent in these devices. The only danger to the eyes can arise only if you select a model that is too powerful and place it close to you.

Also on the forums you can find the opinion that IR devices are dangerous, because using them may cause a fire. Today, all models from high-quality manufacturers are equipped with shutdown sensors for capsizing, overheating and other dangerous situations. The fire safety of such devices is quite high and it makes no sense to talk about how harmful they are.The effect of infrared rays on the human body

Another fact in favor of the absence of harmfulness from the operation of heaters - all modern products have certificates of conformity, which are issued after a series of examinations by experts. Scientific studies have repeatedly proved that infrared heaters are not harmful to human health. The only thing that can cause danger is non-certified products made in China.

Safe heating in the house

Summing up, it can be noted that IR devices can be harmful only if you install them not according to the rules that are listed by the manufacturer in the attached instructions. In this case, you can damage the skin (get a burn), and spoil your eyesight, and negatively affect your well-being. If the installation and operation is carried out according to the rules, there is no point in worrying about whether infrared heaters are harmful or not for human health.

Finally, we recommend watching a video that once again confirms that the devices do not harm people:

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Are infrared devices safe?

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Are infrared devices safe?

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