How to install Armstrong lamp

False ceilings in a modern interior can significantly save time and simplify the installation of electrical wiring in the facility. In addition, they are very aesthetic and flexible in terms of design. Particularly popular in the office segment are false ceilings such as Armstrong or Grilyato. Flat porous plasterboard slabs, a business card of almost every office space and not only the business segment. They make it easy to get to the mounting boxes and fixtures built into them, add devices, lay additional communications such as the Internet, telephone, video surveillance. In this article, we will talk about installing the Armstrong lamp and connecting it with your own hands.

Installation procedure

During installation of the frame under Armstrong or Grilyato, it is necessary to provide a minimum permissible distance between the frame strips and the ceiling of 20 cm. Otherwise, the fixture will have to be installed simultaneously with the frame kit, and this method does not allow easy access and simple maintenance, and therefore not acceptable.

The Armstrong luminaire (pictured below) is easily recognizable; it is a square-shaped design for four light emitters (lamps) covered by a scattering film or a reflective grating.

Armstrong photo

As a rule, the installation of Armstrong lamps does not cause problems, since the cell window size and the dimensions of the devices are the same. When examining the design of the suspended ceiling, you must visually familiarize yourself with the elements of the suspension and their location, since there are cases of "fierce" savings by installation performers.

It is permissible when there is one fastening to the ceiling on two cells, at least four on a square of four cells. Otherwise, during installation, it is necessary to additionally fix the lamp to the ceiling, in order to minimize its weight on the suspended structure.

Before installing the Armstrong luminaire, the diffuser is removed from the lighting fixtures, leaving the housing with starting equipment. In this state, it is easier to manipulate during installation. A lamp is inserted into the selected cell at an angle diagonally. After he is completely behind the ceiling, he is rotated horizontally and combined with the cell.

Installed Instrument

How to install the lamp in a suspended ceiling, you can learn from this video:

Correct housing installation

In addition, we recommend that you see how to evenly position Armstrong lamps on the ceiling:

Using a laser level

In addition to raster, built-in or point sources of illumination are also used; for their placement, holes in decorative plates are cut out. This solution is well suited for small rooms with a low ceiling, or places that require an additional stream of light.

To install the Armstrong luminaire under a suspended ceiling, it is necessary to install special fittings in advance for mounting lighting fixtures.Since it will be practically impossible to fix anything after installing the stretch ceiling, as in the case of Armstrong or Grilyato modular ceilings, where the number and placement of elements can easily be varied.

Network Connection Rules

Wiring under the ceiling must be laid in the corrugation and fixed to the ceiling plate, eliminating sagging. It is incorrect to make a daisy chain connection (in series) when the wire enters the housing and enters the next device using the terminal block as a distribution box. Correctly position the junction box near the group of fixtures, and from it to each lead its own power cable.

For connecting Armstrong fixtures most often used PVA wires or Ball screw, due to its flexibility and simplified installation. It is also possible to use stranded wire PV-3 with multi-colored insulation.A stripped core is pressed with a sleeve or tin-plated, such a connection forms the best contact.

The photo below shows the contact terminal with the designations L — phase, N — zero, PE — ground. How to determine which wire phase and zero can be found in our article.

Terminal block

Wiring diagram:


The video below describes how to properly connect the wires to the terminals:

Lighting device connection

Observe safety precautions during installation. When working with ladders or construction goats, call your partner, do not work alone. Before connecting the wires, make sure that there is no voltage, put a warning poster on the switch, and even better disconnect the wire from the switching device if the room is large and the switch is far from you. That was all I wanted to tell you about how to install the Armstrong lamp and connect it to the network yourself.

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