How to repair a garland on your own?

If on the eve of the New Year you learned that the old garland for the Christmas tree does not work, for example, one color does not light up, do not rush to buy a new one, because there is a chance to repair the damage with your own hands. Fortunately, the arrangement of these Christmas-tree lights is not too complicated, and if you carefully check all the possible malfunctions, you can carry out repairs at home. Next, we will tell the readers of the site Elecroexpert, how to fix a garland, if contact wires come off in it, a light bulb burns out or the modes do not switch.

One or more colors are off

One of the most time-consuming failures is the case when one or two colors do not work in the electric garland, for example, only red or yellow and blue, as in the photo below. This indicates that, most likely, the bulbs in the corresponding section burned out.

Only 2 colors work

To begin with, we recommend that you disassemble the switch cover, which is also the control unit, and check the reliability of all connections - the contacts soldered to the board. Immediately we suggest watching a video lesson from the young master, which clearly shows what to do if the wire from the board breaks:

How to perform a simple repair of a malfunction?

If everything seems to be in order, it means that with a high probability it is possible to judge that the bulb burned out. The fact is that modern garlands are arranged so that all single-color lamps are connected in series and if any lights up, the light will go out on the entire electrical branch. To fix the damage, it is recommended to act as advised by a good old textbook: cut the garland in half and ring both sections. Next, proceed in the same way with the idle section: cut by 2 and check again and so on to the end, as shown in the diagram.

Repair Scheme

As a result, you can determine which lamp is not working and replace it. We draw your attention to the fact that such a repair method is advisable to use if the electric garland is not separable, as a rule, Chinese.

To quickly repair the garland with your own hands, you can take a tester and instead of probes, attach needles to its ends. Using the needles, punch each of the sections of the chain sequentially so that the needle passes to the current-carrying core, and look for where the section resistance is significantly different. In this way, you can find a breakdown and repair it with less effort.

Old Soviet garlands on the Christmas tree (without box) in this regard are more convenient, because in them all the lamps are screwed into the cartridges, and it is possible to determine which bulb does not work without a soldering iron and an ohmmeter by eliminating it by taking a working light source and rotating it into all the cartridges one by one. Another repair method is to use a tester to measure the resistance of each lamp until you find a burned out one.

An example of a repair of another difficult malfunction:

Why is the Soviet electric garland not working and how to repair it yourself?

Another way to fix a broken electric garland is to check the integrity of the common wire.On one side of the board, you will see 5 soldered wires: 4 for the glow of each of the colors and one common. Now, if the common wire breaks, you just need to solder it.

In addition to the light bulb, the reason that one or more colors in the garland is not lit may be a broken wire, which is responsible for a particular color. This problem most often occurs if there are cats or dogs in the house that gnaw through wiring when playing. In this case, you need to find the place of damage, re-twist the current-carrying conductors and insulate them. After that, it will not hurt to provide wire protection from pets.

Doesn't light up at all

If your LED garland does not shine, and you are convinced that it is not a matter of LEDs, then you already need to look at the control unit and the power cord. First, check the integrity of the cord, it may have been interrupted or the contact at the connection to the chip has broken. After that, check how all contact connections to the board are soldered. For example, in the photo below, one of the wires burned out. If everything is working, then the board burned out. You can, of course, buy a new garland if this one was cheap Chinese, but if you want to fix the product, now we will tell you how to do it.

Contact failure

Instead of a standing control unit, you can use a starter from a 127 or 220 Volt fluorescent lamp (the difference is only in the speed of flashing of the bulbs). First, check how the LEDs are connected. If it turns out that the extreme elements of the groups are interconnected by anodes, you will have to redo the circuit and connect the LEDs to the cathodes. This is due to the fact that for normal operation of the starter, the voltage to the anode must be supplied through a 5-watt resistor with a resistance of 15-20 kOhm. In addition, diodes will also have to be included in the circuit, as shown in the diagram below. Diodes are needed in order to pass the reverse current through the network through itself. In this way, you can redo it and thereby repair the LED garland with your own hands at home.

Alteration scheme

As you can see, you will have to bother to repair the product, so if the electric garland is Chinese, it is better not to waste time and buy a new one. About, how to choose a garland for a christmas tree, we told in a separate article. By the way, it is recommended to remake it as a starter even if the garland does not blink or does not switch modes and the controller is the reason for this.

We draw your attention to the fact that if a LED burns out in a Christmas diode lamp, after which the entire section does not light, solder a working element by strictly observing the polarity!

Light bulbs crashed

If one or more light bulbs are broken and you want to repair the product, we recommend simply replacing the damaged one Light source on new. We draw your attention to the fact that the replacement should be done only when the power is off, so as not to get an electric shock. In this, of course, unbreakable lamps are better, because such a malfunction bypasses them.

All the lights are shining

If you do not have a spare microlamp on hand, you can safely cut the broken one and connect the wires without it.

Well, the last thing I wanted to say - if your tubular garland (duralight) does not work, try visually and using a tester to find the problem area and cut it in places intended for cutting (marked with scissors). After that, connect the working sections with special connectors, on which the repair will be completed!

That's all I wanted to tell you about how to fix a garland if one color is off or the board burns out. Now, you know what to do to repair the damage yourself!

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  • Vlad

    The wires on the circuit board came off my garland. Work light bulbs. And they do not blink. Why, and what can be done, what details should be used to blink?

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  • Tina

    What if only one bulb does not work? what can be done about it?

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  • Yulia

    Good afternoon. I have a garland street "fringe." Alternately 3 sections of 4 went out. In each of 5 branches. Before the section went out, the section began to blink with an increase in the blinking frequency. Now only the central section is lit. A garland hangs at home on a window. What could be the cause of the breakdown? Diodes? And what can be done?

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  • Igor

    Three colors work, blink. And one just burns. I don’t understand what the matter is. Tell me

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    • Oleksiy

      Thyristor breakdown, most likely. Or replace the thyristor or let it burn. Another option to parlevel with another channel. But the first option is the most kosher

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  • Catherine M

    One bulb crashed. I excluded her from the chain, and red lights still do not work in the garland. I checked all the other bulbs in the circuit, it seems to be working visually. What did you do wrong, tell me?

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  • Nastya

    The wires from the plug came off and now the garland does not work. What to do ?

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  • Alexander

    All wires came off, how to find a common

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  • Ruslan

    The garland burns for 30-60 seconds, then goes out. After some time, 30-60 seconds may light up again ... How to fix it?

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  • Olga

    Hello, I bought a garland. After 5 minutes, it exploded, the wires were torn off, soldered again, and again it exploded and the plate melted very much, can I do something to fix it?

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    • Admin

      Hello! For security reasons, it is better to throw this garland.

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  • Maxim

    Hello, tell me, can I connect two garlands to one block, just one block is lost?

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  • Elena

    Good evening, I have torn off the wiring in the box, but there is no soldering iron, what can I do?

    To answer
  • Elena

    Already done, cleaned the wires, wrapped in foil and tightly clamped the box itself, everything glows. I hope a hundred everything will be fine😀

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  • Valentine

    All 5 wiring came off 2 of them are empty on one 2 colors how to connect to the board

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  • Sergei

    At me all wires of a garland tore off. How to solder them: 5 wires to 3 contacts. What color where to solder?

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  • Basil

    All the wires on the garland came off ... Five wires, five contacts .. what color is where to solder, one of the wires is “common”?

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  • Vitaliy

    Hello, in my garland 1 channel is involved (1character) the garland itself is 3 wires, 1 wire from them has come off, where to solder it? where did he come off? I can not find.Thanks

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  • Sveta

    What to do if the board is burnt? can I somehow direct?

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  • Denis

    The garland stopped blinking, all chains are intact. All lights are on. When you turn on the "blink" mode, it sticks on the 3rd channel. There is no burnout on the board.
    Channels 7. Single-window window garland.

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  • Michael

    Good afternoon! We have some kind of bad person eating a street garland in the middle. Please tell me how now to determine which wire to which corresponds?

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