How to remove the chandelier from the ceiling - step by step instructions

Most often, the need to remove the chandelier from the ceiling arises in two cases: you need to wash the plafond of complex shape or if you decide to replace the old Soviet chandelier with a new, LED one. Next, we will talk about how to properly dismantle the chandelier, because nevertheless you will be dealing with a dangerous electric current.

Dismantling options

To wash the lamp from dust, you do not need to completely disassemble the structure and disconnect the wires. In this case, it is enough to carefully remove the ceiling on the chandelier, which is mounted on clamps or self-tapping screws. There is nothing complicated - look for fasteners and do it yourself. Sometimes the plafond is removed even easier - it is twisted counterclockwise, and there are also designs in which the plafond is held, like a spotlight, on struts. In this case, you need to act in the same way as with removal of a spotlight - Gently pull the lampshade toward you until it completely comes out of the bursting legs.Lamp without shade

Another case when you need to remove the chandelier for repair and hang a regular cartridge for a while. In this case, it is necessary to completely turn off the lamp so that there is access to the wires from the ceiling. The new cartridge is connected quite simply - the cores must be wound into the corresponding terminals on the cartridge. The main thing is to bring the neutral wire to the cap, not the phase wire.Light bulb

If you decide to hang a new ceiling lamp, you first need to remove the old chandelier, completely dismantling the structure and leaving only the input wires on the ceiling. You need to act by analogy with the previous option and now we will consider step-by-step instructions for dismantling with our own hands.Photo dismantling the ceiling light

Step-by-step instruction

So, to remove the chandelier from the ceiling yourself, you must follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the power at the input shield. If you just turn off the light in the room, there is still a chance of electric shock, so it is better to protect yourself and completely disconnect the network in the apartment.
  2. Prepare indicator screwdriver, terminal blocks (better Wago), electrical tape and stepladder. This is all that is needed to remove the lamp from the ceiling.
  3. Check the light in the room by activating the switch. If the light does not come on, you can proceed with dismantling.
  4. First of all, try to remove all fragile elements from the lamp - glass pendants, bulbs, shade, etc.
  5. After that, unscrew the decorative cap that hides the place wire connections under the ceiling. Usually the protection is fastened with a central nut or a locking screw, which is not so difficult to detect.Removing the decorative cap
  6. As soon as the cap moves down the bar, you will see what the lamp is attached to - a hook or a bar. In the first case, the wires can be immediately disconnected and pushed to the side, and then dismantled from the hook. Removing the chandelier on the bar is a little more difficult, as First, you have to loosen the bolts on which the bracket is held.Plank mount Hook to ceiling
  7. When the wires are disconnected, carefully insulate all 3 exposed conductors on the ceiling so that they do not short-circuit and cause electric shock.

That's all that needs to be done in order to independently remove the chandelier from the ceiling in the house and apartment. As you can see, there is nothing complicated, the main thing is not to rush and be careful. In addition, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the tips below that may be needed in unusual situations.

What else do you need to know

Sometimes the design of the lamp or the ceiling material can lead to a dead end when you decide to remove the chandelier that weighs in the room. So that you do not have difficulties during dismantling, consider the following nuances:

  • To remove the chandelier plate (shown in the photo below), you must first find the bolts that secure it to the ceiling. As a rule, the bolts are slightly recessed into the ceiling, resembling a plate. You can unscrew them with a Phillips screwdriver, only be sure to hold the product with your second hand.Plate-shaped ceiling
  • For chandelier installation In a suspended or suspended ceiling, disposable fasteners can be used that are best not to be removed (for example, butterflies). Otherwise, for subsequent installation, you will have to buy new fasteners, although you could just not touch the old ones.Mount butterfly
  • Before disconnecting the twisted wires (or terminal block), check the voltage with a screwdriver again. It will take no more than a minute, but you will certainly be sure that there is no electricity on the line.Voltage test with an indicator screwdriver
  • In no case do not start work when the power is on. Although, in fact, the light switch should relieve the voltage from the light bulb, some unfortunate electricians bring to the gap to the switch not a phase, but a zero. As a result, even when the switch is off, electricity will pass to the light bulb, and you can get an electric shock.

And finally, we recommend watching a video that shows several ways to wash a chandelier without removing it from the ceiling:

How to quickly and efficiently wash a lamp

That's all I wanted to tell you about how to remove the chandelier from the ceiling with your own hands. We hope that the material was useful and interesting for you!

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