30 most unusual lamps according to the version of "ElecroExpert"

We have already considered with you, how to choose a chandelier and other lighting fixtures for the home, listing the most important selection criteria. In this article, I would like to show the readers of the site photos of the most original chandeliers and lamps for each room: living room, hallway, bedroom, kitchen. Some unusual products can even be made with your own hands, and some can be found in the catalog of popular online stores. So, we turn to the consideration of the most interesting designs of lighting devices.


If you are looking at a chandelier for a bedroom, it will unusually complement the interior of the room with such options as:

For the kitchen, chandeliers in the original execution of the kitchen theme are most suitable, for example, made of a tea service or cutlery, as in the photo below:

If you need an interesting ceiling lamp in a garage or in a country house, we recommend stopping at the following two options:

By the way, a chandelier in the shape of a hat is not difficult to do with your own hands. Note - use for lighting incandescent lamps or halogens are better not worth it. We recommend installing LED lamps so as not to worry about a fire.

In order to make a creative living room, we recommend hanging this chandelier:
A lot of lamps in the room

And for gazebo lightingif you are often going with guests in it, you can choose a model decorated with bright glass bottles, which, in our opinion, is also an interesting option:

Wall mounted

If you want to complement the interior with unusual sconces, now we will show you the most original versions. Continuing the idea with hats, you can make the same wall lamp that will allow you to organize a set of products:

Wall-mounted hats

If you are a fan of retro style, you can find unusual wall lamps made of wood "antique", as in the photo below:

Such products are suitable for installation in the living room, hallway or even the garage, if there is a small seating area. As for the bedroom, you can put beautiful nightlights on the wall, like this:

Creative night light

For a teenager’s bedroom, or rather a child’s room, such an original version of execution is suitable:

Cats in the bedroom interior

The sconce in the form of balls is more suitable for the boy:

Sconce in the nursery

Well, if you are looking for an unusual design of a wall lamp in a modern style, we can recommend this model of LED strip:

High tech wall lamp photo

In the bedroom, the oriental-style wall lamp will look beautiful:

Eastern style element


Well, the last type of lighting fixtures - located on the table. If you want to choose an original table lamp with an unusual design, we can advise such design options:

As you can see, there are models of ancient design, both for the kitchen and even for the decoration of the hall for the New Year (several lamp shades from floor lamps located in the form of a Christmas tree). You can try to make most of these ideas with your own hands, there would be a desire.

We also recommend watching a video on which no less original versions of the fixtures and chandeliers are provided:

Homemade Lighting

Lamps with a modern design

We hope you enjoyed our selection of photos of the most original chandeliers and lamps in the world. We also recommend that you see how to make a do-it-yourself night sky starry sky!

Homemade Lighting

Lamps with a modern design


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