15 recommendations for choosing a quality chandelier

Chandeliers are the most popular type of fixtures for home and apartment. Today there is a wide range of products that vary in shape, style, number of bulbs, material of manufacture and many more criteria. The comfort of being in a particular room will depend on how correctly you choose the design and characteristics of the lamp. Next, we will talk about how to choose a chandelier and which is better for the kitchen, hall, bedroom, other rooms.


The first and one of the most important criteria for choosing a chandelier is power. Too bright a lamp will tire you for a long time in the room. In the same turn, a dim light inclines a person to sleepiness, which is also not very good. That is why you need to choose the right power of light bulbs so that you can spend time in the hall or bedroom without undue discomfort.

An example is too dim light

An example is too dim light

As a rule, the power of the lamp is determined taking into account that 1 square. A room meter needs 15 watts of lighting. This calculation is relevant if you select incandescent lamps as light sources. A more modern option - LEDs, have higher efficiency and therefore the calculated value can be easily divided by 10. For example, a hall of 20 square meters. meters, you need to choose a 300 W chandelier if incandescent lamps are used and 30 W if you decide to use LED bulbs. As for standard conditions, 120-150 W is enough for a kitchen of normal size, 300 W for a room, and no more than 100 W for a bathroom. The calculation, again, is for the Ilyich bulbs.

Looking ahead, we recommend using rooms such as a bedroom and a hall dimmable led bulbs and connect dimmer instead of a conventional light switch. This idea will allow you to adjust the illumination in the room for a particular occasion.

Ceiling height

The next factor that you need to build on when choosing a quality chandelier is the ceiling height in the rooms. The variety of fixtures knows no limits, but by design they can be ceiling (mounted on a pole) or classic (suspended on a chain). Depending on what ceiling height you have in a private house or apartment, you need to choose the right housing design.

As a rule, for low ceilings, you need to choose the first option - the ceiling, so that the bulky lamp does not load the interior and visually does not reduce the room. Most often, bar chandeliers are installed in such small rooms as a bathroom, a corridor, a bedroom and a nursery.Photo five-arm chandelier

As for the hanging products on the chain, they, of course, have more voluminous dimensions and are used with a ceiling height of at least 3 meters. This option can be chosen for the living room, hall and sometimes for the kitchen (especially if the kitchen is presented by the studio).Chandelier in the gazebo

We immediately draw attention to the fact that far from always choosing a chandelier is carried out only by the height of the ceiling.At the same time, the size of the room must be taken into account, as depending on the area, everything can completely change (it is not logical to choose a chandelier in a small kitchen with high ceilings, it is already better to use directional lamps).

In a private house with a standard ceiling height of 3 m, this type of lamp can be used in almost any room, because there will be no restrictions on height. We advise you to watch a video in which experts provided their own tips on this issue:

Video review of fixtures

Interior style

Of course, it is very important to choose the right chandelier for the style of the interior. It all depends on many factors, but we will try to list the most important ones.

So, when choosing a chandelier by style, consider the following recommendations:

  • We do not recommend experimenting with colored fixtures, which when turned on, emit a certain light gamut. Very often, this decision can aggravate the interior of the room, changing the color of furniture, wallpaper, ceiling to ugly. Color should be selected exclusively by the designer or a person who is a specialist in this direction.Color lighting
  • For a classic interior, it is best to choose a crystal chandelier, five-arm or two-story. In this case, you will make the interior harmonious, the main thing is not to overdo it with the luxury of the product.Classic interior style
  • In the bedroom, a chandelier with a lampshade will look beautiful. In this case, the light will be a little dim because a fabric or paper lampshade absorbs light flux (this can be clearly seen in the photo).Bedroom lighting
  • Today, there are high-tech fixtures that will complement the design of modern apartments and houses in a very original way. Chrome bars, minimalist shades and bright lights give the interior a so-called “zest”.Hi-tech ceiling light
  • Plastic shades can make a room look cheap, especially if the product is of poor quality. When choosing a plastic chandelier, keep in mind that it will not look good everywhere. It is most practical to use plastic in the kitchen, bathroom and nursery, taking into account safety and ease of maintenance.Plastic case
  • It is far from always necessary to choose the color of the lamp to match the wallpaper on the ceiling and walls. So your purchase will merge with the interior and nothing good will come of it. It is better to choose a contrasting shade so that it stands out on the ceiling and shows harmony with the design of the room.The combination of contrasting shades in the interior

These were the main points to consider when choosing a chandelier for a house or apartment. It remains only to tell you how to choose the most suitable version for each of the rooms, and what points you need to pay attention to when buying. We’ll talk about this now.

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Design Tips

To your attention the most necessary advice from designers on choosing an inexpensive, but high-quality chandelier for home and apartment:

  1. Pay attention to product quality. You should check before buying how the joints are welded together, whether there is any backlash of cartridges, how reliable the chain and other little things. Also make sure that the chandelier is odorless, as plastic Chinese shades can smell unpleasant for a long time. Another nuance is the diameter of the wires leaving the case. According to modern requirements, the core cross section should be at least 0.75 mm2, better than 1.5 mm2. If you see that the cores are thinner, refuse this purchase, because when connecting the chandelier to the network it may not withstand current loads, especially if powerful bulbs are installed.
  2. To hide defects in the ceiling, we recommend that you choose a luminaire design in which the bulbs are pointing down rather than up (especially if the ceiling is suspended). Bulbs with bright light, directed upward, will give out every flaw in the ceiling - curvature, spots, joints between sheets of wallpaper, etc.
  3. If you decide to choose a chandelier for a stretch ceiling that has already been made, pay attention to what kind of fastening the master fitters have provided. For example, if a hook is released from the ceiling, you will not be able to hang a chandelier with a bracket.Stretch Ceiling Lighting
  4. For a suspended ceiling (drywall) you need to choose a lamp no heavier than 5 kg. Otherwise, drywall may not support the weight and burst. Although if the chandelier is attached to a concrete floor, this requirement does not apply.
  5. Please note that in some rooms you need to be very light (for example, in the kitchen). Here you need to purchase bright powerful bulbs, because cooking in dim lighting will be uncomfortable and problematic.
  6. Pay attention to the size of the cartridge. No need to buy a model with a non-standard cartridge, as then it will be problematic to choose lamp base type. It is better to choose a chandelier with a standard socket - e27. The same requirement applies to the bulbs themselves. There are designer models of luminaires in which non-standard forms of light bulbs are installed, which are difficult to find later if they fail. Also in the store, specify where later it will be possible to buy a replacement and how expensive it is to know if the choice of such a chandelier is rational for a house and an apartment.
  7. For kids room lighting no need to buy glass or crystal products for safety reasons (for example, if a child accidentally breaks a case with a soccer ball). Here, as we have already said, it is better to dwell on the plastic version.
  8. In the living room you can choose a chandelier with a fan, which will give the room an original design. In addition, the fan will save in the summer heat when watching TV or relaxing.
  9. A modern solution is to control the lamp from the remote control. We recommend choosing a chandelier on the control panel in the bedroom so that you can turn off the light after you lie in bed.Remote control for lighting control
  10. We do not recommend buying a device with incandescent or halogen lamps. These light sources have a short service life and also low efficiency. Diodes are much more economical, although at a higher cost. It’s better to spend money once, but don’t change cheap bulbs every six months. At the same time, you can buy a halogen chandelier at the cottage, as You will not use it as often.
  11. In the corridor, choosing this type of lamp is not always appropriate, especially if it is an old-style apartment, where the corridor is narrow and long. Better here connect sconce or ceiling lights.
  12. In a small kitchen, you can pick up a chandelier with two shades on movable rods. So you can direct the light flux to the necessary zone: working or dining.
  13. Above the stairs in a two-story cottage, it is not recommended to use chandelier lighting. Here, the sconces are better recommended and hidden floor lightingas shown in the photo.LED staircase lighting in the house
  14. There are many ideas for choosing the Feng Shui technique, sometimes such techniques can make the interior practical and original, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the relevant tips on the Internet.
  15. If you decide to choose a chandelier in the hallway, focus on the footage of the room. Sometimes you can make a combined option using an additional hidden LED strip light.

That's all I wanted to tell you about how to choose a chandelier and which one is better for the kitchen, hall, bedroom, other rooms! We hope that from this article you emphasized a lot of important and new. Finally, we recommend that you watch a video review of those products that are better not to buy:

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